Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is exhausting for affected individuals and their families. Navigating current dilemmas, learning effective styles of interaction, educating school staff, and finding resources to enhance life can be extremely time consuming.

Assistance is just a call away.

Day-to-day demands and the roller coaster of emotions associated with FASD are challenging; before you know it your chances of impacting your child’s life with available resources have vanished.

Services are available by phone or face-to-face Kathy Hotelling, Ph.D., ABPP


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“Of all the resources we found to help us understand the issues facing our daughter, Kathy Hotelling was the single most helpful. She was able to give us concrete steps to get an accurate diagnosis, help us understand the latest research and resources, and help us start creating a plan for our daughter’s future.  After years of misdiagnoses and frustration and ineffective interventions, we now feel hope.”   – CM

“Before I met Dr. Hotelling, I thought I would lose my mind. My son’s behaviors and attitudes seemed to be beyond explanation. She has taught me how to recognize which behaviors are FASD brain-based and helped to develop interventions geared toward his developmental level.”  – TMB

“After meeting Dr. Hotelling, I could finally tell I’d met the right person to help our family understand FASD, distinguish behaviors, and get a better handle on life in general. More than that, she helped us realize we are not alone on this journey and that there is hope for children with FASD. Being able to have a plan and interventions in place is a life changer.”  – SSB